Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hello Kitty

Spring is here and it seems to be a busy one for the stork! What better way to shower the mom to be with a Hello Kitty diaper cake!? I just made this diaper cake recently for Arlynn. The shower was a Hello Kitty theme, so cute! I added the usual crinkle cut decor and for a modern touch, black and white polka dot ribbon. Please "enjoy" the cake and congrats to Arlynn and Paolo on your new baby girl, Phoebe!

{Front of Diaper Cake}

{Back of Diaper Cake}

{Closer shot of back of diaper cake. Ribons tied together and knotted}

{Diaper Cake Items: Pampers Swaddlers - Size 1, Johnson & Johnson Body Wash, Hello Kitty stuffed animal}


  1. your hello kitty diaper cake is beautiful but a girl named Kura Loop is using your image on her facebook page for "her" diaper cakes and i wanted to give you a heads up. here is her link http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=116098235147021&set=a.116052498484928.24363.116049145151930&type=1&theater I don't think she has a right to use your beautiful images and I thought i should notify you. all i had to do was google "hello kitty diaper cake" lol.

  2. Love you're hello kitty diaper cake i just made one for my sister just yesterday. She loved it